Diversity and practicality are rolled into one with our Interior Roller Blinds.

Roller Blinds come in a large variety of fabrics and trims, each with a different feel and look; modern material’s also come in a variety of light filters. Rollers can be combined in a dual roller blind. Translucent or transparent with a sunblock fabric combined in the same window, allowing a variety of privacy and light filter options. Our Roller Blinds are proudly Australian Made! 

Block Out

A material that completely "blocks out" light from entering your space while adding heat reflection. Block Out fabrics are ideal for bedrooms allowing maximum privacy and ensures you can sleep without any distracting rays of light. Anti-bacterial treated backings are also available in select fabrics. 

Light FIltering

Light Filtering fabrics offer privacy however they possess a subtle sheerness that lets in natural light. A 3% to 5% choice in Light Filtering fabric, you can choose the degree of partial visibility and lighting allowance while reducing sun glare, fading and damage from heat.