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But First; Recycle.

Updated: Apr 13, 2021

Not only is Environmental sustainability becoming more important for all businesses, but it is also now at the forefront of many of our consumers’ minds. A recent survey found, most customers showed they care personally about protecting the planet and a whopping 90% of those surveyed agreed that businesses and brands have a responsibility to take care of the planet and its inhabitants and that green practises should be the norm regardless of the industry. Here at Northside Shutters conversations with customers around environmental sustainability have been enlightening, with customers not only well informed but are also concerned about the future when it comes to going green. At a recent appointment, it was interesting to see the customer drawn to the environmental symbols and explanations on our fabric compendium and we strongly believe that products offering energy efficiency in ways such as thermal protection and light transmission will continue to gain popularity. Environmental Sustainability and recycling were topics of conversation last year in the Northside Shutters office where staff continually commented on the lack of cardboard recycling facilities in the local area. Often, our installers were noticing that the recycling sections at the tip were full and that staff immediately directed them to the general waste areas which was disheartening for our staff who are committed to sorting rubbish to allow for recycling and It makes it hard for small businesses to make strong commitments to sustainability. These conversations between staff has seen Northside Shutters renew their dedication to reducing their carbon footprint in 2021 with the following 3 commitments: 1. Carpooling – Sales and installation staff are committed to working together to ensure where possible an installer is present for quotations to avoid the need for a second visit for the purpose of check measuring. 2. Rubbish Recycling – The team have identified private cardboard and polystyrene recycling centres in South Brisbane reducing the need to utilise local refuse centres as well as ensuring all packaging material can be recycled. 3. Window Furnishing Recycling – Often a customer requests disposal of old window furnishings, some of which can be repurposed through local charitable organisations. The team have identified local charity stores who are happy to accept these donations and make the call on their ability to be reused. We know that living sustainably is a challenge and in 2021 Northside Shutters looks forward to taking more action and creating more opportunities for staff and consumers to think green.