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Allergy Busting Window Coverings

Updated: Apr 24

kid with allergy window covering solutions

Dust. Where does it come from?

House dust does not appear out of nowhere. It is a combination of dried food particles, pollen, fabric fibres, pet and human dander, and even insect parts.

House dust is more than just dirt.

Researchers have found an ever-growing list of chemicals in house dust and are trying to understand what this means for our health.

With allergies becoming increasingly common in everyday life, we are finding customers looking for allergy-friendly alternatives to traditional curtains and older-style fabric blinds. We have also found an increase in queries regarding VOC-compliant products (volatile organic compounds).

VOC-compliant refers to a system, substance or application that adheres to governmental regulations regarding volatile organic compounds.

Fortunately, your window coverings are an easy way to combat the dreaded allergy season.

See our top 3 picks below for allergy busting window coverings that will help keep the allergens in your home at bay:

3 - Vertical Blinds

Vertical blinds are close to the top of the list for allergen-resistant window coverings because they are incredibly easy to clean using a vacuum, damp cloth or a microfibre duster.

Choosing a 100% PVC or Vinyl fabric will ensure less dust particle build-up.

2 - Roller Blinds

Not only are roller blinds one of the most practical window coverings, but they are also one of the best at combating house dust.

Roller blinds have a large flat surface that is easy to wipe or use your vacuum on.

The dust cannot settle on the blinds when pulled up (which means less allergens moving around the room).

Again, choosing a 100% PVC or vinyl fabric will go a long way toward keeping that pesky house dust at bay!

1 - Polymer Shutters are allergy busting window coverings

Polymer shutters are beautiful and take the cake when it comes to allergen-friendly and resistant window coverings.

As their name suggests, Polymer shutters are made from PVC, a synthetic plastic polymer widely used worldwide in a variety of applications.

Polymer shutters are an excellent choice because they can be cleaned with a vacuum (brush attachment) or with a quick microfibre cloth wipe.

In addition to being easy to remove dust, absolutely no chemicals are required to clean them, with a damp cloth being the preferred (and recommended) method.

If you would like more information or a complimentary measure and quote, the Northside Shutters & Blinds sales team would love to help you.

Call us today on 1800 133 278 and let us help you create an allergen-free zone in any room.


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