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Best Window Treatments for Your Home Office

Updated: Apr 10

It is no secret that the design of our environment can influence our level of productivity. When setting up the ideal home office, it's important that it is a pleasant and convenient space to work in.

From indoor plants to ergonomic furniture, there are many factors to consider when creating the perfect productivity hub. Natural light is also necessary to help you feel refreshed and increase focus. It is an excellent light source for Zoom calls or Teams meetings, keeping you well-lit and looking professional when the camera is on (but let's face it... we are still wearing sweatpants! 😂).

Best window treatments for your home office blog article

Not only is controlling the level of light in your home office beneficial, but it is also essential to keep your workspace private and comfortable. There are several options when it comes to choosing your home office window treatments.

Internal Roller Blinds are an affordable option to elevate your home office while also making it easy to control light and privacy levels.

Two internal roller blinds in home office

Light-Filtering Roller Blinds are ideal for cutting down on heat and glare that can arise while using screens while also bringing natural light into your home office. By using Light-Filtering fabrics that also block UV rays, exposure to natural light can lower strain on your eyes after looking at screens for lengthy periods of time.

Working from home can be relaxing, but it can also easily distract us. By rolling down our Block Out Roller Blinds, you can "block out" distractions such as the view outside or noise. With Block Out fabrics, you can be productive in private during any hour. Although natural light can bring life to your workspace, Block Out fabrics can also help reduce unwanted glare on your computer screen or personal device.

You can opt for Dual Roller Blinds that have both Light-Filtering and Block Out fabrics. This means you can switch between the two fabric types depending on your home office needs. You can customise Dual Roller Blinds by matching fabric colours, mixing complementary, textiles or even linking multiple Roller Blinds for wide windows in your office.

Dual Roller Blinds that have both Light-Filtering and Block Out fabrics

Our Roller Blinds are an obvious choice for slick, expert interior decor, especially in your home office. See our past Roller Blind installations by visiting our online gallery.

Have more questions about which products are best for your area? By visiting your home, we make choosing window solutions simple. Our in-person measure-and-quotes give you a chance to explore our selection: Receive one-on-one specialised advice on window furnishings that could work best in your space and see the variety of textures and colours we have available—our Sales team always has product samples on them!

Our quotation, supply, and installation services make creating your bespoke blinds solutions easier than ever.

Book in with our friendly team today!

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