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Locally-made. Officially Australian Made blinds!

Updated: Apr 24

Australian Made logo for Northside Shutters & blinds

As business owners, the last 12 months have shown us how resilient our Australian industry and people are and the passion we all have for supporting and buying Australian products.

We have always been able to offer our customers an Australian-made option when it comes to our shutters. While traditionally, yes, we do utilise imported quality products for the majority of our shutters, our blinds and external awnings have always been manufactured here at home but have never been able to proudly display the Australian-made logo.

In partnership with our local manufacturer, we are excited to announce that our locally-made Roller Blinds and Zzipscreens are officially registered to display the Australian Made logo.

Our business and manufacturers employ a large number of Australian workers, including representatives from overseas factories. We understand that sentiment is growing for Australian-made products, and as a small business, we are committed to continuing to grow this area of our product offering.

The Australian Made logo is a brand widely recognised, trusted, and preferred by a whopping 90% of Australians, and we are simply over the moon to have a range of our products bearing the logo.


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