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Sponsorship Announcement!

Updated: Jun 13, 2022

In the lead up to the 2022 Australian Police Rugby Union Championships, Northside Shutters & Blinds is excited to announce our sponsorship of Queensland Police Rugby Union’s (QPRU) men and women’s teams.

As a small, family-owned business on the rise, we align with community-driven QPRU’s passion for success. We are excited for the Cassowaries and all they will accomplish this season!

We value our small-business roots and share with QPRU a similar heart for the community. Aside from success in competitive games against defence force and national police teams, QPRU has played at fundraising events and invitational games such as last year’s September 11 Commemorative Day event that involved players from interservice teams such as those who serve in emergency or defence forces.

There’s nothing more we love to see than Queenslanders coming together and a solid game of rugby! Being based in North Brisbane, we’re enthusiastic about engaging with our community and supporting the Queensland Police Service. The challenges both small businesses and QPS have faced this year have shown the importance of lending a helping hand to your mates.

We’re thrilled to see QPRU head to Cairns this year to host the APRU and compete against players from all state police forces, the AFP, and the Australian Border Force. Across the country, QPRU is providing police and the community with a more inclusive way to be involved with rugby while also bringing the community closer to its police force.

Northside Shutters & Blinds is proud to be backing the QPRU Cassowaries! Go QLD!


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