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Best of Both Worlds: How To Remodel Character Homes With Traditional Interiors

Updated: Apr 19

Northside Shutters & Blinds recently met with Jaime-Lee and her gorgeous fur baby to discuss her design processof renovating her character home in North Brisbane's Bayside. In this post, we'll explore how traditional home window treatments can be effectively incorporated into the renovation process.

Restoring the function of traditional architecture can be challenging, but Jaime-Lee's home demonstrates how a beautifully fresh interior can be achieved by taking advantage of built-in elements.

Seaside towns along North Brisbane have become landmarks for historical architecture, and they hold rich memories of the 19th-century holidaymakers and labourers who once resided there. Flash forward to today; house designs in suburbs such as Shorncliffe, Sandgate, and Brighton are growing in diversity, and renovators are still interested in keeping traditional aspects of their homes instead of starting from a completely blank slate.

Where Classic Windows and Modern Furnishings Meet:

Wanting to open up her living area, Jaime-Lee took advantage of the existing window style instead of rebuilding it. She was able to elevate light and airflow control with Casement and Double-Hung windows. Now flooded with natural light, Internal Plantation Shutters add a classic touch to Jaime-Lee's rustic, coastal décor.

Opting for a timeless look, Plantation Shutters were the top choice for tackling the Casement and Double-Hung windows in Jaime-Lee's home. In reaching out to us, our Installation Team helped Jaime-Lee find the best method to integrate the classic window treatment. The next step was choosing a colour that tied in seamlessly with Jaime-Lee's design aesthetic. Pictured below are Jaime-Lee's Plantation Shutters in "Snow White" - our most popular finish:

Jaime-Lee's living room featuring Northside Shutters & Blinds' Internal Polymer Plantation Shutters.

Blade size: 89mm | Colour: Snow White

Selecting Polymer Shutters for the whole house meant enhanced ventilation, efficient energy use and temperature control. Ensuring her window treatments could withstand heat, moisture, and wind was essential in her beachside home.

A coastal dream of a bedroom interior: mixing natural, earthy tones with crisp linen textures creates a fresh and cosy private living area.

Updating older-style homes with uneven windows has never been simpler! Face-Fit (Outside Mount) Polymer Shutters are a fantastic solution for existing windows that are not perfectly level. This means the shutters extend out from the wall and are installed on top of window moulding or trim. The Face-Fit installation method supports the shutter's panels' weight.

Jaime-Lee's Double-Hung and Casement Windows were fitted with our Face Fit Polymer Shutters to align and elevate the features that come with these existing window types:

Double-Hung windows are classic and versatile, suiting both traditional and contemporary homes. They consist of two sashes: an upper stationary pane and a lower pane that moves up and down manually. Air currents can be easily directed into a living area by sliding both top and bottom sashes.

Casement windows also offer superb airflow as they can open entirely outward. Casement Windows provide natural ventilation in your home, capturing the calm ocean breeze. They are compatible with various window styles and create a seamless, cohesive look when combined with Double-Hung Windows.

We were so grateful that Jaime-Lee shared her renovation journey with our team. The consideration of her house's existing framework allows for a seamless and sensible blend between the old and new. Her seaside sanctuary is an encouraging example of how Brisbane's character homes can be upgraded without erasing their unique and historical quality.



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